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Why invest in silver

Apr 21, 2020 | Useful

According to leading investors, the amount of silver worldwide today is 4 billion ounces and is only 1,6 times more than the amount of gold (2,5 billion ounces). Given the prices of the two metals, these data most clearly show how undervalued silver is.

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity among metals and is easy to process. Due to these qualities it is used in a number of industries – battery production, photovoltaic industry, electronics, etc.

Due to its limited availability in the earth’s crust, increasingly difficult extraction, and the low recycling rate, the silver shortage is becoming more and more pronounced.

By Jim Rickards,

For The Daily Reckoning

„You ought to have a monster box of silver because if the power grid goes down, which could happen for a lot of reasons, the ATMs won’t work and neither will credit cards.

But if you walk into a store with five or six silver coins, you’ll be able to get groceries for your family.
Believe me, that’ll be legal tender when the time comes, so I definitely recommend silver.“

Source: dailyreckoning.com

By Robert Kiyosaki

For Kitco News

Buy silver bullion now to prepare for the next decade – Robert Kiyosaki

„When people ask me: “What price should I buy gold and silver at?” I say, “If you have no gold or silver, start accumulating today, and do not worry about price.” I believe that when the panic hits, gold and silver will
disappear from markets as prices climb.

I recommend that if you not have any gold or silver today, do not measure gold or silver in dollars, measure in ounces.“

Source: kitco.com

By James Anderson


„Combined geological, aggregate mining data, and verifiable historical record show that about 190,000 metric tonnes of gold and some 1.6 million tonnes of silver have been mined physically throughout history.

Of course, there are many times these amounts of supposed silver and gold traded virtually every year on precious metal derivative exchanges found in London, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. They are mostly buying and selling electronic promises and bets, not the two precious physical things.“

„Currently, we humans mine about 8-parts of silver to 1-part of gold ore globally. The gold-silver ratio stands presently near a 30-year high above 90 and likely headed to 100 before returning to its historical mean and medians ahead.
This newly mined precious metal silver and gold ore coming out of the ground then gets further refined to industrial used items, jewelry, silverware, and investment-grade bullion products (bars, coins, and privately minted rounds).“

“How much Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion is there in the world?”
By the end of 2018, there was approximately
2.5 billion oz of Gold Bullion and
4 billion oz of Silver Bullion in the world.

„At current gold spot prices, there is about fully fiat valued USD 3.3 trillion in gold bullion in the world, while there is just under another full fiat currency valued USD 70 billion in silver bullion held by global investors and governments.

Respectively both these silver and gold bullion valuation sums (especially with silver bullion) are dwarfed by the total valuations for debts, real estate, fiat currencies, and derivatives worldwide.

Given current undervaluations of gold and silver bullion relative to other financial assets and real estate, now is likely a perfect time to be buying bullion as a longterm store of value (i.e., dependable money over human history).“

Source: sdbullion.com