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Silver medal “Prolet” (Spring), 10 g

The silver medal “Prolet” is made of 999.9 silver with a diameter of 30 mm and a weight of 10 g of the highest matte-gloss quality. The classic color composition of the obverse depicts a twig of blossoming cherry and a swallow perched on it. Deep symbolism and meaning lie behind the choice of these elements. According to our beliefs, the swallow is the first bird that arrives with the warming of the weather and the approach of spring and is considered a harbinger of goodness, happiness, and hope. The flowering branch symbolizes purity, innocence, and nature awakening to new life.
The reverse of the medal presents a composition of classical ornaments and the date 8.III., which makes it a great choice for Women’s Day, or another occasion related to this date.
The silver medal “Prolet” is an original gift to choose for your mother, sister, or friend for the upcoming Women’s Day – 8th of March. Besides a beautiful memory, it carries the deeper message and meaning of the symbols woven into the composition, making it a truly valuable gift.
The medal is available in a capsule in a luxurious black leather box. A certificate of authenticity guarantees the specifications and quality of the product.

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